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Preparing and orientating oneself on the labour market is very important but might be difficult. Student Career Services organises trainings, events and other services to help students prepare for their future job. Services include (online) CV and LinkedIn support as well as career coaching and career events.

Student Career Services

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Career workshops and events for students

Student Career Services regularly organises workshops and Career Events. Every month a Talk & Toast, twice a year a Career Day, and tailor-made career events and workshops

Online training Elevator pitch

Wed 16 June 12:45-13:45h
An elevator pitch is a short speech about yourself and your skills. Sounds easy, but it can be quite a task to create it! During the training Pitch Yourself!, you will learn how to make an elevator pitch. You can use this pitch during networking events, application procedures or even at a birthday party when someone asks: So, tell me something about yourself?.

Also, in this training a specific section will be devoted to video elevator pitches and pitches for applying to a vacancy. See you there!

Workshop Coping with changes due to covid-19. A chance for personal growth

Thu 17 June 2021 11:30-13:30 h
While reaching for a next step in your career path, you will be confronted with unexpected changes due to Covid-19. It can be much more difficult to find an internship for example. Or plans you had already made need to be adjusted. How do you deal with this changes? How do these changes influence you and what is your reaction to it?

Workshop Job searching and anxiety in times of Covid-19

Mon 21 June 2021 13:30-16:30 h
Searching for a job is not always an easy road. Some experience a paved road, for some it may be a bumpy ride where they face obstacles. The energy it takes to search for suitable vacancies, writing an application letter and deal with rejections may soak your energy and can cause a loss of self-confidence.
Others face other obstacles, like the pressure there is for international students to find a job before the visa expires, or feeling nervous for an interview.

And with the corona pandemic of last year, things may have become even more challenging for you. The labor market changed, application procedures changed and finding a suitable job needs a longer breath.

Workshop Job searching and anxiety in times of Covid-19

Thu 24 June 2021 11:30-13:00h
In the job-searching-process it is important to be aware of your personal qualities. The more you know what you are (very) good at, the better you will know if you match the job. Explaining this during a job interview or in a motivation letter may help you landing that particular job or internship. However, sometimes it is hard to describe those things that you are good at. Or sometimes you don’t even know that you are very good at something, as you find it obvious and normal to have this quality.

To discover more about yourself and your core qualities, the Core Quadrant of Daniel Ofman will help you to reveal more about yourself. What are your core qualities and what are the pitfalls that come with it. What kind of behavior do you find challenging? And what is the opposite of your quality?

During this interactive workshop you will learn to reveal your qualities and gain more insight about your behavior.

There is a maximum capacity of 12 students for this interactive online workshop.

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CV check, career advice and coaching

Do you want to be as prepared as you can be when you start searching for an internship or job? Student Career Services is here to help! We can check your CV, motivation letter and LinkedIn, or provide career advice and career coaching. Click on the link for the possibilities.
You can visit the office at Forum or make an appointment.

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Student Career Services

Student Career Services supports you in your orientation on the labour market. They give advise and provide you with a platform to meet employers and explore your wishes and talents through workshops and career events. They support students and recent graduates.

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