Plastic Wageningen

Sustainable plastics technology

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research helps companies to find sustainable, biobased alternatives for their current plastic products. With our expertise we cover the entire production process: from product development to improved end-of-life options, such as biodegradability and recyclability.

From polymer analysis to product development

We support companies to find plastic formulations of plastics with exactly the desired functional properties and the intended sustainability profile. We do this on the basis of in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of polymers and plastics, their properties and their processing behavior. This enables us to provide excellent support to companies throughout the entire production process: from the development of new monomers and polymers from biomass to on-site pilot tests. We also offer a wide range of analysis techniques for polymers and plastics, ranging from mechanical and chemical analysis to rheology, microscopy and thermal analysis. In our research we always keep a strong focus on the end-of-life options through mechanical, chemical and organic recycling and we use our knowledge and facilities to study these options.

Experience with all biobased polymers

Our strength is that we work with all available biobased and biodegradable polymers that are commercially available. We also work with new polymers that we have developed on a kilogram scale. Examples of biobased plastics we work with, are:

  • PLA, including nucleated and sc-PLA
  • starch blends
  • PHAs
  • PEF
  • thermoplastic celluloses
  • polyesters, including PBS(A), PBAT, PCI and PGA
  • blends and combinations of these bioplastics

Batches from half a kilo to a thousand kilos

We have more than 25 years of experience in the development of compounds. In addition, we optimise the properties of biobased and biodegradable polymers by adding additives and fillers. In our Wageningen lab we have a wide range of processing equipment with which we can work with batches from half a kilo to a thousand kilos. We have 3 compounding extruders, as well as 2 injection molding machines and equipment for co-extrusion, film blowing, kneading, mixing, cutting and milling.

Since we use common plastic processing equipment our developments can be scaled-up and implemented by industry.

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