One Health and livestock farming

Wageningen Livestock Research provides solutions that contribute to a healthy living environment for humans and animals. In collaboration with the agricultural sector, governments and human health researchers, we work on global scientific and applied research to improve the environment and human and animal welfare.

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When large numbers of people and animals live together, it poses possible health risks and raises research questions. The Netherlands is country with a high density in livestock farming. We have a lot of experience in this area and are eager to collaborate with you on One Health solutions for:

  • Animal welfare and health
  • Infectious diseases (zoonoses)
  • Food safety
  • Livestock farming and surrounding residents
  • A sustainable, circular system

Applicable knowledge

Our research provides practically applicable knowledge that helps livestock farmers improve the welfare and health of their cattle. Our focus lies on a sustainable and resilient cattle herd. How can we further reduce the use of antibiotics? And what effects do new barn systems have on the emission of ammonia, methane, nitrogen and particulates? Do these barn systems positively impact animal welfare and health? Furthermore, we focus on Smart & Healthy Farming, and research intestinal health, including microbiome. We are also available for your questions about circularity and the impact of using waste streams for animal feed.

One Health en de geitenhouderij

New insights require innovation

Consumers make ever higher demands on the meat, dairy and eggs they buy. Besides, there is an increasing risk of outbreaks of infectious diseases. The solution lies in a healthy living environment for humans and animals. This requires a multidisciplinary approach. As a result of innovations within the livestock farming sector and these societal developments, the sector is experiencing significant changes. A transition towards a more sustainable and circular system is underway, in which human and animal health plays a crucial role.

Researchers at Wageningen Livestock Research strive to contribute to this effort, in collaboration with other knowledge institutes, the livestock farming industry and other businesses.

We are eager to work with you towards a healthy living environment for humans and animals. Please contact:

One Health in de varkenshouderij

Sustainable and profitable livestock farming

Wageningen Livestock Research continuously develops its expertise and applies it toward sustainable and profitable livestock farming.

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Our partners

We conduct research for the agricultural sector, suppliers, food companies, sector organisations, governments, other knowledge institutes and civic organisations across the globe.