Education at SDC

The Sociology of Development and Change group teaches courses on on a range of topics related to development studies, political ecology, anthropology of law and crisis and disaster studies. Within these fields of research, we offer possibilities to do a bachelor, master thesis or internship. We also teach in a number of different bachelor and master programmes

Information for Bachelor students

    SDC teaches in 3 bachelor programmes: Bachelor Internationale ontwikkelingsstudies (BIN), Bachelor Internationaal Land en Waterbeheer (BIL) and Bachelor Bos en Natuurbeheer (BBN). Most of the SDC courses are part of the BIN

    Bachelor students from the BIN can do their thesis project with SDC. Click here for more information on the bachelor thesis.

    Information for Master students

    SDC teaches in the following master programmes

    • Master International development (MID).
    • Master Development and Rural Innovation (MDR),
    • Master Organic Agriculture (MOA),
    • Master International Land and Water Management (MIL)
    • Master Forest and Nature Conservation (MFN)
    • Master Tourism, Society and Environment (MTO)

    Master students from MID, MDR, MOA, and MTO can do their thesis and internship with SDC.