Education from September 2020

Update 17 June 2020

Since the Netherlands is affected by the corona pandemic, we are looking for new ways to continue our education in the upcoming academic year. At this page, you will find the latest updates about this topic.

Education academic year 20/21

On campus if we can, online because we can

The new academic year starts 31 August and we are looking forward to meeting all our new students, from the Netherlands and abroad. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, Wageningen University & Research is currently facing a number of restrictive measures which partly affect our teaching.

It is assumed that several restrictive measures will continue to apply for a considerable period. We are busy designing our education to make it resilient for uncertain conditions regarding the coronavirus. Our ambition is to maintain the high quality of our education, to maximize face-to-face education and enable students to anticipate the upcoming academic year. We already have quite some experience with blended and online education and the last months of online education went very well, even though we had to switch from on-campus to online education very fast.

Capacity on campus


We are preparing your education to comply with the safety measures and restrictions imposed by our government and the public transport companies. In the Netherlands one of the restrictions implies that you have to keep a distance of 1,5 meter to others, the so-called ‘1,5m society’. Therefore, the available teaching capacity of the campus will be less than the usual capacity and we will not be able to offer all education on campus in the way we are used to. However, we aim to offer as much education on campus as possible, within the given restrictions to prevent new Corona outbreaks.

Dutch universities have jointly created a protocol with guidelines for (on-campus) education in addition to the government guidelines. Important restrictions are that on-campus teaching is only allowed at small-scale and when effective online alternatives are not available. This includes tests and examinations.

Blended form of education at the start of the academic year


At the start of the upcoming academic year on 31 August we will offer a blended form of education. This will be a combination of interactive online education with face-2-face education on campus, such as (wet) practicals and small scale interactive education. On campus education for first year BSc- and MSc-students will have priority, because we value their binding with Wageningen University as well as with their fellow students. When the restrictive measures are further eased, we will increase our on-campus education capacity.

For me it’s sad that we can’t go to campus right now. I'm looking forward to follow some education on campus again in September. But actually studying online is working out quite well! Besides, the university has made good arrangements, which means I won’t get any study delay.
Nadia, BSc student Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning

What to do when you want to start your study at 31 August?


We advise you to come to Wageningen, if possible, before the upcoming academic year, that will start 31 August. We also advise you to find a student room in (the surroundings of) Wageningen, to limit the use of public transport.

We hope you will join the Annual Introduction Days (AID) that start 13 or 18 August depending on your programme. There you get to know the university, your fellow students, the city and all that Wageningen has to offer. During the AID there are many activities for you to quickly feel at home in Wageningen. The AID is, as our education, offered blended, partially on campus and partially online.

Please, be aware that there are specific requirements for your laptop to participate in our online education as well as on-campus computer practicals.

What to do when it is not possible to come to Wageningen in August?


For some of you it might not be possible to come to Wageningen or to the Netherlands by the end of August, for example due to travel restrictions or because you can not get your visa on time (embassies will still be closed until at least 1 July 2020). Also keep in mind that at this moment, many students arriving from outside Europe have to stay in quarantine for 2 weeks. It is very difficult to arrange that when you are in an unfamiliar country where you don’t know anyone yet.

When you are not able to come to Wageningen, the possibilities to start online and come to Wageningen later differ per study programme. We do our very best to ensure continuity in your study programme with the aim to prevent any study delay.

In the table below you find per study programme the latest moment you have to be in Wageningen to continue that study programme without study delay. This differs per study programme due to the differences in structure and teaching methods per study programme. Note that in all cases you start studying at 31 August. For some programmes you have to start on 31 Aug in Wageningen with blended education (a combination of online and on campus education), for other programmes it is possible to start only online on 31 August and continue with blended education later.


bachelor's academic year 20/21


master's academic year  20/21

If you have to conclude (given the circumstances at this moment) that it is not possible for you to be in Wageningen on time, we advise you to postpone your studies. Keep in mind that there are six master's programmes with an extra starting moment at 15 February 2021. All programmes start again in September 2021.

Update 17-6-2020: We regret to inform you that all inbound and outbound international study exchange programmes in the upcoming Semester 1 (Fall) 2020/21 are cancelled. For questions, please contact your Departmental Exchange Coordinator.

Following a minor or becoming a ‘bijvak’ or contract student is still possible for students from Dutch universities or universities of applied sciences (hbo).


At the moment we are busy working out all the details, which we will share here with you as soon as they are available. We ask for your patience while we plan and organize the next academic year.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please check our FAQ page first. If you do not find the answer to your question there, please contact us.

Weekly summer series ‘WURking on academic year 2020-2021’

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