Market intelligence Monitoren consumentengedrag

Monitor Consumer Behaviour

Insight into the consumer use of your products is often the key to commercial success. Consumer needs and expectations are constantly changing. Does your retail approach or shelf display meet the needs of your customer? Or would a slight shelf or pricing modification lead to more purchases, more margin and higher customer satisfaction? And once the customer has purchased your product, do you really know how it is being used at home? Who is using your product? When is it being used and how?

Wageningen Economic Research will help you to answer these questions so you can use the insights that you have acquired to tailor your supply to better match your demand.

From near time measurement to virtual shelf tests

We can provide a detailed and reliable overview of the consumption, use and acceptance of new and existing food products. For this purpose, we can use internationally accessible consumer panels, but we are also developing advanced methods and apps that are based on the latest technological and scientific knowledge. It enables us to provide an effective and honest portrayal of the consumer’s relationship to your products. This includes an app that uses near-time measurements that provide an accurate overview of consumer consumption patterns in a respondent-friendly manner.

We are also using virtual reality in shelf tests to gain insight into consumer purchasing behaviour in different retail environments and under different conditions. We simulate retail environments and test point-of-sales materials quickly and cost-effectively. This allows us to identify consumer behaviour concerning your product and the factors determining and influencing purchasing behaviour.

The Market intelligence puzzle

Monitor Consumer Behaviour

This is just one piece of the Market intelligence puzzle. Curious about the whole puzzle? Then take a look at the page: Market Intelligence: a comprehensive view of the future.

Why choose Wageningen Economic Research:

  • Evidence-based insights into consumer behaviour towards your product for different purchasing situations and consumer moments
  • Decades of being front-runners in innovative global market and consumer research
  • Extensive network of experts and a unique knowledge of global agricultural and food markets
  • State-of-the-art data and models, apps and domain expertise


The consumer insights on the use of fruits and vegetables from the Food Profiler app help us, and our members, to create effective commercial campaigns and marketing plans.
Wilco van den Berg, Fresh Produce Centre