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Monitor Market Functioning

Each company in the agricultural value chain should benefit from equal opportunities, from a cocoa farmer in Ghana to major European fruit and vegetable traders and from street vendors in Thailand to multinational online retailers. But all too often, trade barriers and unfairtrade practices stand in the way of fair pricing and fair margins for every link in the production chain. Wageningen Economic Research supports companies and policy makers in striking the proper balance between individual business objectives on the one hand and social objectives on the other, for instance, when it comes to poverty reduction and sustainability.

We have a wealth of business economic information, market data, knowledge of the balance of power in agricultural value chains, international competition laws and price formation and volatility analyses. We use this data in econometric time series analysis and state-of-the-art data science. This provides special insights into the functioning of markets, ranging from the effects of fraud on agricultural futures markets and on the business economic position of manufacturing and trading companies to the financial consequences of Brexit for European manufacturing and trading companies.

Equal opportunities for every link in the chain

Wageningen Economic Research investigates market forces in agricultural markets and examines the risks of improper functioning for government authorities, inspection bodies, insurance companies and businesses globally. We identify the effects policy measures and fraud have on companies and sectors in different countries and we support policy makers and regulators in their strategic choices at both national and international level.

The Market intelligence puzzle

Monitor Market Functioning

This is just one piece of the Market intelligence puzzle. Curious about the whole puzzle? Then take a look at the page: Market Intelligence: a comprehensive view of the future.

Why choose Wageningen Economic Research:

  • Evidence-based insights into international value chains, agricultural financial markets and legislation
  • Insights applied to your unique situation or the sector in which you operate
  • Decades of being front-runners in innovative global market research
  • We have an extensive network of experts and a unique knowledge of and data on global agricultural and food markets
  • We offer state-of-the-art economic models and financial domain expertise