Market Intelligence Analyseren marktimpact en marktrespons

Analyse Market Impact & Response

Your marketing and sales departments work hard every day to promote your product range and sell your products. You may be aware of the short-term effects of your commercial activities, but do you also know whether these make a sufficient contribution to your long-term business objectives? Do your efforts support your long term commercial goals, such as an increase in market demand or continuous improvement in your market share?

In addition to your own efforts, your market performance may be impacted by your competitors’ activities, by government authorities, or by incidents such as the market introduction of an innovation or by the effects of COVID-19. How significantly does this impact your turnover? And how long will this impact last? Wageningen Economic Research can answer these questions so you can continue to improve the effectiveness of your commercial activities.

Effective market response through increased commercial impact

We can determine the effectiveness of your current and past marketing activities, explain how you should respond to market disruptions and determine which market factors influence your business. We can develop a unique predictive model for your markets based on your own sales data and potentially combine this with third-party data. We use this information to analyse the current purchase fluctuations of your product and identify future developments. Naturally your company data and the results of our analyses will be treated with complete confidentiality. Our approach will focus on the full integration of the model results into your decision-making process. Thisallows us to further examine the short-term and long-term effects of alternative strategic choices so that you can make informed decisions and continue to increase the impact of your marketing activities.

The Market intelligence puzzle

Analyse Market Impact & Response

This is just one piece of the Market intelligence puzzle. Curious about the whole puzzle? Then take a look at the page: Market Intelligence: a comprehensive view of the future.

Why choose Wageningen Economic Research:

  • Evidence-based insights into the impact of your marketing efforts
  • Decades of being front-runners in innovative global market and consumer research
  • We have an extensive network of experts and a unique knowledge of global agricultural and food markets
  • We offer state-of-the-art data and models and domain expertise