Education of the Public Administration and Policy Group

PAP offers a wide range of course for bachelor and master students for both technical and gamma students in the field of public administration, policy studies and (global) governance in the Wageningen domains of food, agriculture, water, climate and sustainability. Our courses and in particular the thesis work are crucial for students who envision a career as researcher, consultant or civil servant at research institutes (universities, Environmental Assessment Agency), governmental organizations (EU, ministries, municipalities), private companies and (other) international organizations.

The education provided by PAP gives you the necessary analytical tools and skills to analyse, evaluate and design the management and organization of governance arrangements; politics and policy processes of decision making and implementation; steering instruments; and public-private arrangements.

Contact persons education

GR (Robbert) Biesbroek PhD Education coordinator
SISE (Sylvia) Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen PhD MSc Thesis and internship coordinator MID/BIN
dr. JJL (Jeroen) Candel MA Thesis and internship coordinator MME & thesis coordinator MME and BEB
prof.dr. ARPJ (Art) Dewulf if you are following the MIL, MES or MCL programme and interested in doing a thesis with PAP, contact
MH (Maarit) Junnikkala Registration and planning of thesis presentations

Information about BSc minors

Vacancies traineeship / MSc thesis

New volunteer positions/internships available at BankTrack from September 2022

BankTrack is offering volunteer positions and internships* for the second half of 2022, starting 1 September 2022 and running until 31 December 2022. These positions can be online, e.g. working from your own home, or partly online and partly in our Nijmegen office if you live close enough (and assuming the corona situation allows atthat time).

We are seeking committed volunteers and/or interns that can join one of our four campaign teams (on climate, human rights, nature and pandemics) and assist with our ongoing campaign work. Specifically we seek volunteers that are keen to:

  • create and/or maintainprofiles of Dodgy Deals;
  • create and/or maintain profiles of banks;
  • assist in assessing bank policies, such as policies on fossil fule financing
  • assist in data collection and processing for our ongoing research;
  • help maintain and expand our mailing lists and other outreach tools;
  • keep up our social media presence on Twitter and Facebook, and;
  • support our ongoing other campaign efforts with the skills and creativity you possess.

We may also be able to accommodate your own ideas for an internship research project, assuming it is strictly focused on commercial banks and it fits our organisational goals and objectives.

To ensure that the position is interesting for both you and us, we seek applicants that can make a minimum commitment of either 4 months, for 3 or 4 days per week, or 3 months for 4 days per week. Please refrain from applying if you cannot commit to this.

In return we offer:

  • an interesting and challenging work experience in a globally renowned organisation that knows how to make a difference to the banking sector;
  • as part of a team that has learned to operate effectively and productively online;
  • the possibility to develop numerous organisational skills;
  • proper training and supervision, and;
  • a modest volunteer/internship payment (interns 240 euro per month, volunteers €180 per month, on 24/32 hpw basis).

Deadline for applying is 15 June 2022.

For matching with a WUR internship supervisor, students can contact Prof. Dr. Otto Hospes, Public Administration and Policy Group, Wageningen University,

You can apply for our positions by filling in this form. The deadline for applications for this round is June 15, 2022. Interviews will be held in the week of June 20, 2022.

* An internship must be part of a formal education curriculum to qualify as such