Call for proposals AGD 2020

The Sino-Dutch Agriculture Green Development (AGD) Programme is a PhD program by China Agricultural University (CAU) and Wageningen University & Research (WUR). It contributes to the National Academy of Agriculture Green Development of CAU, carrying out interdisciplinary and innovative high-end talent training projects for agriculture green development in China. The project has been officially approved by the China Scholarship Council (CSC; This program makes it possible for outstanding students to pursue a PhD from Wageningen University and from China Agricultural University.

The overall objective of the AGD PhD program is to contribute to the transformation of Chinese agriculture towards sustainable development, from high resource consumption and high environmental cost to sustainable intensification with high productivity, high resource use efficiency and low environmental risk.

In this last call, we are especially looking for projects that complement the current already approved projects in order to reach the overall AGD aims. We therefore welcome proposals that cover the following three areas. Please find a more detailed description of these priority topics attached.

  1. Green crop production: from science to solution:
  • Fundamental scientific innovation
  • System & integration including regional solutions.

2.      Integrated crop and livestock production:

  • Sustainable crop and livestock integration form a circular food system perspective
  • Political, institutional and marking strategies towards recycling of manure and feed at and beyond farm scales

3.      Green eco-environment:

  • National Water-Soil-Air Clean Actions.
  • Agricultural ammonia emission reduction strategies and its comprehensive impacts on eco-environment health

Within the program, the county of Quzhou is selected as a demonstration county, so project preferably focus in this area. In addition, projects may also focus on North China Plain or China as a whole.

Call for proposals

This call for proposals is for 15 projects. Each project includes research for two related PhD sub-projects: (1) a sub-project for a PhD student to graduate at Wageningen University who will stay 3 consecutive years in Wageningen and 1 year in China (the 1+3 PhD student), and (2) a sub-project for a PhD student to graduate at China Agricultural University who will stay 2 consecutive years in Wageningen and 2 years in China (the 2+2 PhD student).

The 15 selected projects will get the following funding: scholarships for the PhD students through CSC and CAU, and a bench fee for each month when PhD students are in Wageningen. 

Required documents at submission (see downloads below)

a. Proposal of maximum 2500 words, including

  • Title
  • Associated AGD area(s)
  • Names of the CAU (maximum 2) and WUR supervisors (maximum 2)
  • Objectives
  • Sub-objective and work plan for the 1+3 PhD student (about 1000 words)
  • Sub-objective and work plan for the 2+2 PhD student (about 1000 words)
  • Relation to Agricultural Green Development in China
  • Novelty
  • Budget
  • Vacancy text

b. Short CVs (2-3 pages) of all supervisors with a signature

Application Deadline

Please submit all the documents required using the attached template before 4 September 2020 to with the email title ‘Third Call for the AGD Program’.

Selection Criteria and review procedure

Proposals will be selected by the academic committee of AGD on the basis of the following criteria: scientific quality, novelty, fit with the scope of the AGD program, interdisciplinarity, balance in the program (i.e. even distribution of projects over the four areas of the AGD PhD program), and feasibility.

Contact Information

At WUR: Janneke van Seters, Wageningen Graduate Schools



At CAU (also for student call): Ms. Ying Zhang (CAU), the AGD-CSC office, China Agricultural University