Freshwater fish ecology

Freshwater fish ecology

River deltas have a high potential for biodiversity and thriving fish populations. No wonder, the Dutch delta lakes, rivers, streams and canals are much appreciated by recreational and commercial fishers and natural environmentalists. Solid knowledge of how freshwater ecosystems function for a diverse fish fauna is essential in supporting management and wise use of our precious waters. This includes an understanding of behaviour and habitat use of fish. Wageningen Marine Research develops knowledge on the influence of natural processes and major human interventions on the behaviour of fish, their habitats and wise use of fish stocks.

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Wageningen Marine Research applies its knowledge in advising on governance and management of aquatic resources. Our researchers have broad expertise in freshwater fish ecology. They can provide you with insight into factors influencing the composition and quality of the fish stock in your specific water body.

Moreover, our institute has the expertise to advise on hydrological infrastructural (such as dams, hydropower plants, discharge sluices, fish ways) facilitating fish migration. We have cutting edge equipment at our disposal to study the behaviour of migrating fish.

The trick is to look through the eyes of the fish with human common sense
Joep de Leeuw, senior researcher of fish ecology and inland fisheries

Wageningen Marine Research conducts fish stock research and provides advice for effective fisheries management, contributing to sustainable fisheries.

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