We are YUFA. YUFA is the student committee of the alumni team of Wageningen University & Research. We are a committee by students, for students. Our goal is to help students and recent graduates to develop the right skills in preparation for employment. This includes the skills and practical knowledge that you do not learn directly at the university, but that you do need in the future.

What makes us unique is our connection with Wageningen alumni, who we regularly invite to join our events. Sharing our experiences turns out to be very valuable in the process of graduating and entering the labor market.

Examples of events organised by us are: “Online Job Applications”, “Networking: Improve Your Skills!”, “To do a PhD: Pleasure or Burden?”, “New Job: Lost and Found?!”, “A dive into the Academic World” and Career Cafes, in which we offer accessible conversations with Wageningen alumni.

Graduated or graduating soon? And do you want to know more about the opportunities for young alumni? Head over to this page for more information.

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