MSc internship documents CHL

Students from Wageningen University can write their Bachelor or Master thesis with the chairgroup Consumption and Healthy Lifestyles (CHL)

Download the CHL procedure guidelines, to learn more the responsibilities of the student, the CHL supervisor, CHL education coordinator, and the secretariat.


Below you can find an overview of MSc programmes and specialisations CHL is supervising. Before starting your internship at CHL please download the internship documents. The documents are used by all students who are supervised by CHL.

Internship code: CHL-70424

MSc internship course guide

MSc internship contract NL

MSc internship contract UK

MSc internship learning agreement

MSc internship assessment form

MSc internship assessment rubric

MSc programmes

Nutrition and Health (MNH)

  • All specialisations

    Communication, Health and Life Sciences (MCH)

    • Specialisation B. Health and Society

        Management Economics and Consumer Studies (MME)

        • Specialisation B. Consumer Studies