WUR assigns great value to the mental and physical well-being of its students. Therefore, STS offers a variety of workshops, trainings, events and other facilities to stimulate and enhance student well-being, health and happiness.

Do you want to learn how to cope with stress about corona, get tips on how to relax, or learn how to become more organised?

Gezondeboel is an online platform where you can start improving your mental wellbeing in a free, easy and anonymous way.

Start today. Use the link above for easy acces via your WUR account. You will get more information by watching the film on the platform (2 min.)

Trainings by Student Traning & Support


Stress management

How have you been handling stress lately? Stress is a hot topic. Not the least amongst students. Students report that they experience stress in relation to study pressure, study loans and social media.

In this training you will work on recognising negative, self-undermining thoughts and how to think more constructively. Additionally, you will learn how to make use of your qualities, set priorities and to apply relaxation techniques.

Detailed information about the course programme you can read on the registration page.

We expect you to attend the full training, all 4 sessions.

Dates: Wednesdays 3,10,24 November, 1 December 2021
Groupsize: maximum of 12
Duration: 4 x 2,5 hours; 19:00-21:30 h
Self-study: as much as you need


Tackle your decision anxiety |
Weg met keuzestress *DUTCH*

Hoe maak jij je keuzes? Maak je een hele lijst met voors- en tegens? Laat je het van anderen afhangen? Volg je je onderbuikgevoel? Doe je gewoon maar wat? Of kies je liever helemaal niet?

In deze training leer je hoe je keuzes maakt door te navigeren tussen rationele redenen en je gevoel. Je leert welke mechanismen ervoor zorgen dat we vaak stress of angstgevoelens krijgen van keuzes maken. Terwijl dat niet hoeft! Keuzes geven richting en zorgen dat je weer verder kunt. En dat kan heel fijn zijn. Leer te vertrouwen op je eigen gevoel en echt te kiezen voor wat voor jou belangrijk is.

We verwachten dat je alle 4 de sessies aanweizg zult zijn.

For now this course is only in Dutch.

Datum: 2,11,23 november en 7 december 2021
Groupsize: ca. 15 studenten
Duur: 4 lunchsessies van 12:30-13:45 uur


Vergroot je mentale veerkracht *DUTCH* |
Expand your mental flexibility *ENGLISH*

A lot of people experience their lives as unsatisfactory due to psychological pain, like anxiety, feeling gloomy, tired or insecure. Their idea of a fulfilled life is: “If I can get rid of these complaints, that is when I will feel better”. Trying to get rid of these complaints will become their prime focus in life. It becomes a struggle and will cost a lot of energy.

We offer this training in Dutch and in English

For whom

For WUR-students who experience their live as unsatisfactory, with complaints like:

  • Overthinking, worrying, to ruminate 
  • Not or unsufficiently in touch with feelings/emotions 
  • Seeking values/guidance/meaning/existential questions 
  • Trying to avoid parts of their life.  

Practical Information

Participants:  Maximum 12
Meetings:      4 sessions of 3 hours
Material:       Book: A beginners guide to mindfulness,
*For sale online or at the studentpsychologist
**Please, buy before the course starts

More trainings by Student Training & Support

WB_Grief_Girl reflecting Spectrum.website.jpg

Workshop Series Grief & Writing 

By using small creative writing exercises we will express our stories of grief, give voice to our sadness or pen down our warm memories of loved ones. This can be healing on its own. You can then share your experiences and advice with others as well as learn from them. As everyone deals with grief differently, this can lead to new ideas.

You will work from home: having your own safe space to write, while we will share online our personal stories and give voice to feelings of grief. 


The workshop is planned every last Sunday of the month for 2021-22. 

Sun 31 October 2021 15:00 to 17:30

Sun 28 November 2021 15:00 to 17:30

About the trainer

Marloes Harkema, author of a book about grief, will lead these sessions. After having lost her husband when she was 28, she discovered how healing it is to write and how essential it is to connect with others. Now 10 years later, she facilitates writing workshops, walks and talks on grief.  


Student Training & Support facilitates a new training for students who are dealing with long-term physical complaints. For now, this course is only Dutch spoken.

Speciaal voor studenten die kampen met langdurig chronische, fysieke klachten, wordt de training “Beter in je vel” aangeboden.

In deze training leer je om te gaan met zowel de fysieke als de mentale kant van de klachten. De training wordt dan ook gegeven door een studentenpsycholoog en een Mensendieck therapeut.

Surf Your Stress Programme


Stress comes in waves; everyone experiences periods of stress, and that's okay; it's part of life and drives us to greater achievements. Dealing with stress is a bit like learning to surf big waves. Of course, you get out of balance every now and then. You fall into the water and get pulled under. Normally, you will quickly surface and climb back on your board. On to the next wave. But, how different does that feel when your complaints become chronic. The motto of Surf your Stress is "Learn to balance & ride the waves" and we would like to help you with that.

On the webpage of Surf your Stress you will find more information about:* What is stress?* Symptoms of stress* Causes of student stress* What can I do myself?


Study Safe @ WUR

Wageningen University & Research has a high level of ambition, not only in the scientific field, but also in terms of good employment practices and due care towards students. It is important for you to be able to work and study in safe and healthy conditions. This is a joint responsibility between WUR and the students. It is the University that provides for proper accommodation, furniture and equipment. It is then the students' responsibility to use the accommodation, furniture and equipment responsibly and safely.