WUR assigns great value to the mental and physical well-being of its students. Therefore, STS offers a variety of workshops, trainings, events and other facilities to stimulate and enhance student well-being, health and happiness.

Trainings facilitated by Student Training & Support


Beter in je vel - learning to deal with chronic complaints

Student Training & Support facilitates a new training for students who are dealing with long-term physical complaints as a burn-out, chronic fatigue syndrome or RSI.

Speciaal voor studenten die kampen met langdurig fysieke klachten, zoals een burn-out, chronische vermoeidheid of langdurige rsi, wordt de nieuwe training “Beter in je vel” aangeboden.

For now, this course is only Dutch spoken.


Stress management

How have you been handling stress lately?
Stress is a hot topic. Not the least amongst students. Students report that they experience stress in relation to study pressure, study loans and social media.
In this training you will work on recognising negative, self-undermining thoughts and how to think more constructively. Additionally, you will learn how to make use of your qualities, set priorities and to apply relaxation techniques.

The training is scheduled to start on Wednesday 13 january 2021 19.00 hrs. The training consists of 4 sessions of 2,5 hours.
We expect to offer this training also in period 4 and 5.

Surf Your Stress week


From 16 till 20 November 2020 a week full of activities will be organised on Wageningen Campus with one main theme: surf your stress! Why? We all experience stress once in a while and that’s alright because stress is part of life. Too much stress however can get you out of balance. Learn more about what happens with mind and body when you’re experiencing stress and how to deal with it.

On the webpage of Surf yoyr Stress you will find more information about:
* What is stress?
* Symptoms of stress
* Causes of student stress
* What can I do myself?


Study Safe @ WUR

Wageningen University & Research has a high level of ambition, not only in the scientific field, but also in terms of good employment practices and due care towards students. It is important for you to be able to work and study in safe and healthy conditions. This is a joint responsibility between WUR and the students. It is the University that provides for proper accommodation, furniture and equipment. It is then the students' responsibility to use the accommodation, furniture and equipment responsibly and safely.