MSc Theses Landscape Architecture

Tribute to a Glacier

Designing a landscape for melancholic contemplation.
Haupapa/Tasman Glacier, New Zealand


Designing energy transition in the IJmeer along ecosystem change.
IJmeer, Netherlands

Synergy of urban ventilation and flood defence.

IJsseldijk, Netherlands

Rotterdam: ready to roll?

A phenomenological research about wheelchair accessibility in urban districts.
The Tarwewijk, Netherlands

03:37 - Amatrice still exists

Disaster recovery design for the post-quake landscape of Amatrice.
Amatrice, Italie

Resilient Rivers

An explorative design research into acquiring flood-resilient design principles in Dutch river systems.
Oude Rijn, Netherlands


An explorative design study into an alternative way of placing and designing XXL warehousing.
Dodewaard, Netherlands

The Drought Resilience Casco

A New Drought Resilience Casco for the High Sand Landscapes.
Overijssel, Netherlands

Not just another Solar Field

A multifunctional EnergyGarden for Mastwijk The Netherlands.
Utrecht, Netherlands

BSc Theses Lanscape Architecture

Reanimating the Doode Linge, Tiel’s (water)way towards a healthier city.