Livestock & environment

The experts at Wageningen Livestock Research have broad expertise with regards to the effects of livestock on the living environment. This research and knowledge transfer focuses on the environmental effects on soil and atmosphere. Our aim is to translate the demands placed by society into sustainable, feasible solutions for livestock farms.

  • Livestock and environment

What we can do for you?

We offer clients expertise on measuring environmental effects (both positive and negative) while understanding the underlying processes. In addition to substantive expertise, we also provide expert facilitators for innovation processes at both system and farm level. Our expertise includes:

    • Atmosphere: gaseous emissions, particulate matter, low-emission animal housing systems
    • Soil: soil quality, water, minerals and fertilisation, pasturing, grassland and feed crops
    • Closing mineral cycles: animal-manure-crop cycles, manure technology

    Contact the head of our department, and formulate a suitable solution for your knowledge questions about livestock and the environment together.