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Livestock & Environment

Wageningen Livestock Research has broad expertise about the effects of livestock on the living environment. The research and knowledge transfer focus on the environmental effects of livestock farming on soil and atmosphere.

The research combines expertise about measuring environmental effects (both positive and negative) while understanding the underlying processes. The aim is to promote the ecological sustainability (planet) of livestock and farming systems. Our research translates the demands placed by society on livestock production into sustainable, feasible solutions for livestock farms.

    We work actively on these themes:

    • Atmosphere (gaseous emissions, particulate matter, low-emission animal housing systems)
    • Soil (soil quality, water, minerals and fertilisation, pasturing, grassland and feed crops)
    • Closing mineral cycles (animal-manure-crop cycles, manure technology)

    The research focuses on the interactions on the axis: citizen-environment-farm-animal. Within the sphere of activity, we work together with other research fields at Wageningen Livestock Research and with external partners from the Netherlands and abroad.

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