Parasitaire ziekten kunnen door teken over worden gedragen

Parasitic diseases

Wageningen Bioveterinary Research (WBVR) supports the government and private sector in preventing and combatting parasitic animal diseases through diagnostics, scientific research and governance advice.

Parasites are organisms that exist on plants, animals and humans. They live and reproduce at the expense of their host. Like bacteria, parasites can cause disease in humans. In the (sub) tropics, parasites are more common than in more temperate and cooler regions. But we are alert in the Netherlands too. Some parasitic infections occur naturally in the Netherlands, and may also be imported from abroad.

WBVR research focuses on parasites in animals. Not only do these affect the animals’ health, but they also cause economic damage in animal sectors. Moreover, some parasitic diseases are zoonoses, which means they may jump from animals to humans.

WBVR researches: