Routes to study governance

Wageningen University offers different Bachelor of Science (BSc) programs (3 years) and Master of Science (MSc) programs (2 years) for students of Wageningen University and other universities, for students who want to learn about policy processes and governance, and for those who look for a professional career as a consultant, civil servant or researcher in which they have to deal with public governance and governmental organizations in the WUR-domains (such as sustainable development, agriculture, rural areas, food quality, climate change, forest and nature conservation and water management).

Depending on the domain of interest, a student interested in a BSc-study dealing with Governance can follow one of the following BSc-programs:

The chairgroups Environmental Policy (ENP), Forest and Nature Conservation Policy (FNP) and Public Administration and Policy have specifically developed a thematic BSc Minor on Policy and Governance that focuses on policy processes and governance issues in the different WUR domains. The integration of the analysis, evaluation and design of policy processes and governance mechanisms makes this minor special.

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For those students interested in an MSc-study dealing with Governance, the following MSc-pograms might be of interest: