Below you will find a list of our governance related courses. Click on the links for more information.

1 PAP-20306 Hoofdfiguren en kernthema's uit de Bestuurskunde en het Recht (Studying Governance: Key Concepts and Leading Authors) Gerard Breeman (PAP)
1 PAP-20806 Public Administration and Environmental Law Fred Kistenkas (FNP), Katrien Termeer (PAP)
1 LAW-21306 Law and Public Power Otto Hospes (PAP)
1 PAP-52306 Policy Agenda Setting and Issue Framing Gerard Breeman, Art Dewulf (PAP)
2 LAW-20306 International Policies and Institutions Otto Hospes (PAP)
2 ENP-34306 Environmental Policy: Analysis and Evaluation Aarti Gupta (ENP)
2 ENP-35306 Political Theory Jan van Tatenhove (ENP)
2 ENP-35806 Environmental Quality and Governance Simon Bush (ENP)
3 PAP-30806 Governance, Trust and Change Gerard Breeman (PAP)
3 LAW-53806 International and Comparative Food Law Bernd van der Meulen (LAW)
4 ENP-10806 Environmental Policy Instruments Jan van Tatenhove (ENP)
4 ENP-30306 International Environmental Policy Aarti Gupta (ENP)
4 ENP-31806 Globalisation and Sustainability of Food Production and Consumption Peter Oosterveer (ENP)
4 ENP-36306 Climate Governance Kristine Kern (ENP)
4 ENP-36806 Governance for Sustainable Cities Kristine Kern (ENP)
4 ENP-52806 Ocean and Coastal Governance Simon Bush (ENP)
5 PAP-10306 Inleiding Bestuurskunde (Introduction Public Administration) Katrien Termeer (PAP)
5 FNP-11806 Forest, Nature, Society Bas Arts, Jim van Laar (FNP)
5 FNP-31806 Forest and Nature Policy: Theoretical Perspectives Esther Turnhout (FNP)
5 ENP-53306 Water Governance: Concepts and Practices Bas van Vliet (ENP)
6 PAP-30306 Designing innovative policy arrangements Art Dewulf, Katrien Termeer (PAP)
6 ENP-52306 Policy Analysis and Multi Level Governance Jan van Tatenhove (ENP)