Funder Open Access policies

Funder Open Access policies

The Dutch government states that publicly funded research should be freely available and strives towards 100% Open Access. Major research funders have incorporated this ambition into their Open Access policies and requirements.

National Open Access implementations

An increasing number of research funders, national and international organisations and initiatives endorse the Open Access principles and implement Open Access policies:

    Plan S

    Plan S is an initiative for Open Access publishing, launched by a consortium of research funders (cOAlition S), and came into effect on 1 January 2021. Plan S requires that all publications from research funded by participating organisations must be published (without an embargo and with an open licence preferably CC BY) in either:

    • Open Access journals
    • Open Access platforms
    • or Open Access repositories

    More detailed information about Plan S can be found here.

      Open Access requirements of research funders

      Many major research funders obligate recipients to publish their publications and research data Open Access. Please have a look at your funders’ policies for the current requirements and specific details for Open Access publishing:

      For any questions please contact WUR Open Access Support.