Mead Johnson

Mead Johnson Nutrition China is an infant nutrition & child nutrition company. The vision of the company is to be Agile high performing enterprise for premium & specialty IMF (infant milk formula) provider of science based pediatric nutrition and specialized nutritional products and services in greater China market (China, Hongkong, Taiwan). Mead Johnson Nutrition is highly dedicated to create nutritional brands and products trusted to give infants and children the best start in life. With over 700 employees, Nijmegen Supply and Innovation Center develops products for the Greater China Market and produces for Greater China, European, Asian and Latin American markets for self and contract manufacturing supply to Reckitt Nutrition. Trust, Quality, Safety, Compliance, Responsibility, Innovation, Customer/Client Orientation, and ethics are considered of importance at Mead Johnson.

MJN nourishing the best start in life

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Participation online Career Day

Mead Johnson is holding orientation interviews with selected students. You can also join Mead Johnson for their online presentation and during their walk-in chat. If you are interested, please select during registration.