PhD information

WIMEK supports PhD candidates in the natural and social environmental sciences during their PhD trajectory.

We consider it of great importance that you develop useful competencies that go beyond your PhD subject. We want to help you finish your PhD in time, manage work pressure, prepare for your future career, and learn how to have impact with your science on society.

There are several way by which WIMEK can help you to obtain these goals. Detailed information about relevant subjects you can find following the links at the right.

What, when and how?

The WIMEK PhD procedure information summarises the administrative requirements you have to fulfill during your PhD and offers lots of useful links to more information and relevant forms.

Registration for MSc courses

For your registration for MSc courses, see MSc course registration as a WIMEK PhD.

WIMEK offers various ways to support you

For new PhD candidates we developed the WIMEK Buddy System to help you find you way within Wageningen University and WIMEK Graduate School.

Maybe in the course of your PhD trajectory you will come across challenges you would like to discuss with someone outside of your chair group. WIMEK and Wageningen University offer different forms of confidential support.

We are always open to hear from you

Whenever you have suggestion about courses, remarks about procedures, questions about your PhD, information that might also be useful for your PhD colleagues, etc., please do not hesitate to contact us!