Important documents internship ENR

The following documents contain detailed information:

1. MSc Internship Course Guide Wageningen University ENR

Please carefully read this course guide first.

2. Internship contract_WU_UK.docx

This is your contract with the internship host that stipulates arrangements on issues such as salary, leave of absence, and so on. You are strongly recommended to use this contract instead of the standard contract used by your internship host as it covers issues that may not by covered by their contract. If your internship host insists on using their contract please carefully check whether all relevant issues are covered. The WU contract and the checklist in the course guide can provide some guidance in that respect.

3. Internship Learning Agreement.docx

This is the agreement between you and your ENR supervisor on issues such as your learning outcomes, supervision arrangements, and files to be submitted to the university.

4. Form progress evaluation internship.docx

This is the form for the progress evaluation, which is to take place more or less halfway the internship.

5. MSc_Internship_EvaluationFormHostSupervisor.docx

This is the evaluation form to be completed by your supervisor at the end of the internship.

6. Assessment-form-MSc-internship-WU.xlsx

This is the assessment form that your ENR supervisor and the examiner will use to grade your internship. It also includes the rubric for the assessment.

    Last updated: 31 January 2021