Courses for PhD candidates

Almost all PhD candidates at Wageningen University are required to take courses. Through these courses you will expand your in-depth knowledge of specific research issues, improve your general skills and broaden your scientific scope.

You will also learn how to integrate your work into other research areas and society at large. There are compulsory and elective courses. An overview of the educational activities which you plan should be included in your Training and Supervision Plan.

Wageningen University offers three types of courses:

  1. Specialised courses organised by the graduate schools of Wageningen University
  2. General PhD skills courses organised by Wageningen Graduate Schools
  3. Courses organised by other parts of the university.

It is also possible to participate in courses offered by other universities and institutes.

Wageningen Graduate Schools

The Wageningen Graduate Schools (WGS) offer general competence and skills courses. Topics range from competence strengthening and career building, to language and facilitating. Wageningen PhD candidates who have an approved Training and Supervision Plan and post-docs who are members of EPS, VLAG, PE&RC, WIAS, WASS, or WIMEK can participate in these courses against a reduced fee.

Visit the Wageningen Graduate Schools’ website to learn more about the courses offered.