Processing personal data Online Open Day

Every year, Wageningen University & Research (WUR) organizes online open days in the spring and autumn for prospective students and their parents / guardians from both the Netherlands and abroad. On the platforms and, we offer prospective students the opportunity to read, see and experience more about studying at WUR. The platform offers all kinds of possibilities to interact with students, study advisors and teachers, such as chatting, 1-on-1 video calling and interactive presentations. We register the activity of prospective students on the platform in order to provide them with targeted information afterwards about courses in which they have shown an interest and relevant follow-up activities. With this consent form, WUR informs you about what we will process and what rights you have.

Which data is being collected, at which location, which retention period and data protection measures


How are data being protected in WUR information systems

  • The information security of WUR information systems is based on measures such as those set out in the WUR standards framework for Information Security (ISO / IEC 27002) and the general guidelines of Wageningen University & Research. Link to detailed info.
  • The measures have been taken with the aim of ensuring that availability, integrity and confidentiality function at a level for the open day.
  • Secure storage is guaranteed through secure storage, encryption, monitoring, logging, authorization and authentication techniques and other measures.

Sharing data with other organizations and institutes in which countries


Your rights

The personal data you provide will only be used for the purpose for which you provided it. You have the right to inspect, delete, correct or limit the processing of personal data, as well as the right to object and the right to data portability. More about this can be found at Privacy & Cookie statement Wageningen University & Research.

Contact details project leader

If you would like to know more about the open day, you can contact Susanne Laven, WUR communications advisor, via or 0317-482610.

You can also contact the Data Protection Officer of WUR at with your privacy questions. Information about the processing of personal data can be found here, in the event specific privacy statement link and on the event site.

If a dispute arises, you can also submit your complaint via or to the Dutch Data Protection Authority at


By giving your consent, you declare the following:

  • Your consent has been given voluntarily.
  • You are aware of the data that is requested and processed.
  • You have been able to ask all questions and thus the permission is completely clear to you.
  • You are aware that your data will be enriched before and during the open day with information about which sessions you attend.
  • You are aware that this information will be used after the event to send you personalized information about training developments and answering questions.
  • You are aware of your rights regarding the data that has been recorded about you.
  • You know how to contact WUR if there are unexpected additional questions and requests from your side.
  • You are aware that your consent can be withdrawn at any time.

By clicking the opt in option you declare that you agree with the above.