Background of Animal Sciences

Animal Sciences is about domesticated animals kept and cared for by humans for among other food production, companionship, education or nature conservation. These animals are an integral part of our society, economy and culture. Do you want to know everything about this group of animals and apply that knowledge for the development of sustainable animal husbandry systems, healthy animals and socially responsible food production? Then the programme Animal Sciences is for you!

Applied animal biology

The base of the programme is applied animal biology: biological knowledge about the functioning of animals in relation to their immediate environment and society. The focus of theory lies on livestock, as most research is done, and thereby knowledge identified, for this type of animal species. Companion animals and fish are discussed as well. The acquired concepts and scientific knowledge on those animals and their management can be applied to the sector / animal species you are interested in. With the biological knowledge as your base, you will learn all kinds of aspects on animal-human interactions through 6 disciplines (figure on the right). These aspects all relate to sustainable development of animal husbandry, for example in means of nutrition, housing management or design of breeding strategies. Different aspects in animal sciences can overlap, as researchers from different discipline groups work together on the same question.

Specific courses

The various aspects are taught in specific courses, which are prepared and taught by teacher-researchers. In this way, the content of courses is closely related to recent research results. In the courses different perspectives on domesticated animals are discussed. This ranges from the functioning of the animal in the different environments in which it can be kept, to the understanding of animal diseases and the measures you can take to prevent them from spreading. It is also possible to get to know the entire animal husbandry chain, and to study all aspects from the economy to society, and from animal welfare to animal nutrition.

The bachelor Animal Sciences provides a broad basis and introduction to the entire domain of animal sciences. From this basis, you can discover where your passion lies and thus make the right choice for your (specialization in the) master.