Preliminary Programme 2020

The preliminary programme of 2022 will follow.

Sunday 26th April

Evening registration

Monday 27th April

Introduction to the fish immune system

• All you need to know about fish cytokines (Steve Bird, Univ Waikato)
• Introduction to fish macrophage function (Geert Wiegertjes, WUR)
• Leukocyte responses during inflammation (Magdalena Chadzinska, Jagiellonian Univ)
• Introduction to fish B lymphocytes (Carolina Tafalla, INIA)
• Introduction to fish T lymphocytes (Maria Forlenza,WUR)
• Anti-inflammatory cytokines: few but potent (Carla Piazzon (CSIC)
• Cell-mediated cytotoxicity (Uwe Fischer, FLI)
• Zebrafish models for intestinal inflammation (Sylvia Brugman, WUR)

Evening poster session (1)

Tuesday 28th April

How to handle virus infections

• Interferons and interferon pathways (Pierre Boudinot, INRA)
• Use of knock-out cell lines in studies of IFN pathways (Bertrand Collet, INRA)
• Vaccination against koi herpesvirus disease (KHVD) of carp (Sven Bergmann, FLI)

Practicals in the afternoon
• Cellular assays in innate immunity (technical staff CBI) or
• PC-based practicals on synteny searches in fish genomes (Steve Bird)

Evening poster session (2)

Wednesday 29th April

Facing problems and finding solutions

• Aquatic animal health in South-East Asia (Chadag Mohan, WorldFish)
• Correlates of protection (Hetron Mweemba Munang'andu, NMBU)
• DNA vaccination (Maria Forlenza, WUR)

Practicals in the afternoon
• Humoral responses (technical staff CBI) or
• PC-based practicals on transcriptome information (Sam Martin, Univ Aberdeen)

Workshop closing dinner

Thursday 30th April

Lessons from industry

• We will close the week with 3-4 non-commercial lectures from scientists working at or with the
pharmaceutical industry and discuss their lessons learnt from working with veterinary species