WANDER-LAB: turning data into experiences

We empower stakeholders, students and researchers to apply, enhance and develop techniques for data-driven landscape simulation and visualisation, facilitating various ways of engagement with historical, current and future landscapes.

We create experiences.

  • Mixed Augmented Reality City

Why visualise with WANDER?

We empower people to develop and promote cutting-edge techniques to develop & divulge innovative visualisations.

  • We empower people to make use of cutting-edge techniques to develop and promote innovative visualisations.
    • Its innovative way of visualising our cutting-edge research findings as a unique medium to explore the potential of nature-based solutions.
  • We translate knowledge and research into understandable and communicable elements.
    • We develop data driven custom-made solutions through an integrative approach to environmental challenges.
    • Its educative plug and play environment breaks down the challenges of technology adoption.
  • We are a cross-sectoral unit where research pushes the boundaries of academia towards greater social impact.
    • Our hybrid set-up allows multilevel co-creation.