The Ideal Burger Challenge

Ideal Burger Challenge

This year, Wageningen Youth Institute is organizing the Ideal Burger Challenge in collaboration with Youth World Food Day. This is an international project in which, after the kick-off workshop, you get to work on making and baking a plant based burger! At the end of this Challenge you hand in a commercial or (online) poster about your own burger.

For whom?

For everyone from 15 years old. You can sign up individually or in groups of up to four people. In principle, you can register via your teacher, unless your school does not participate. Then you can also sign up individually.

Kick-off workshops

To prepare and support you for this Challenge, we offer kick-off workshops. During these workshops we give introductory lectures about strategic communication and making meat structures from plant material. This gives you practical tips on what to think about when advertising an Ideal Burger and why the structure of a burger is so important.

The English workshops will be given on June 10 and September 16.

Would you rather participate in a Dutch workshop? Visit the Dutch page to view the dates for these workshops.

Conditions and deadline

Although you are going to make, test and taste your burger yourself, you do not have to hand in the burger yourself. Instead, we ask you to make a creative commercial. This is an (online) poster or a video of max 2 minutes. You can hand in your end product at You do this stating your name, your school and the location of your school.

The deadline for submitting your (online) poster or video is September 27.

Youth World Food Day festival on October 16, 2021

On Saturday, October 16, 2021, the Youth World Food Day festival will be organized in Ede in the World Food Center. All participating schools in this Challenge are invited to come to this festival or to particpate in the online programme.

Why participate?

At the moment it is becoming increasingly difficult to feed everyone in the world. As a world population, we are growing fast! In 2050 there will be 10 billion people on this earth. In addition, our world is changing, because the climate is changing and we cannot, for example, create much extra agricultural land. Your creative ideas and solutions are therefore necessary to come up with a burger that is better for this world!

Sign In!

Have you become enthusiastic after reading about the challenge and would you like to participate? Then go to your school management and tell them about it. Participation is through your school. It is a classroom project led by your teacher.

Is your school not participating, but do you still want to participate? Don't worry, you can register as an individual to participate in this Challenge! Then sign up and you will receive the starter kit with ingredients and description from us.