MSc internship in collaboration with HPP

The MSc study programme includes an internship which is carried out outside of Wageningen University.

This page provides information for MSc students, who are interested in doing an MSc internship in collaboration with the Horticulture and Product Physiology (HPP) group. General information about the MSc internship can be found in the course guide provided on the righthand side.

Finding an internship topic

Selection of a suitable institute or company for a MSc internship is done by students themselves. Inspiration and suggestions may be obtained from previous thesis experience, fellow students, university staff, the Internship and thesis projects database or from the list of recent internships at HPP.

In addition to a daily supervisor from the institute or company, you need to arrange an academic supervisor from HPP. For this, please contact the HPP student coordinator Katharina Hanika.

Filling in the learning agreement and signing the internship agreement

Fill in the MSc learning agreement in accordance with your internship supervisor and your supervisor from HPP (see documents on the righthand side). Furthermore, fill in the MSc internship agreement/contract together with your internship supervisor(s) (see documents on the righthand side). Once signed and completed, send both documents to your supervisors, your study advisor and the HPP student coordinator (Katharina Hanika).

Preparing the internship report, colloquium and examination

Perform your internship activities under the guidance of your company/institute supervisor and inform your HPP supervisor on the progress on a regular basis. Information about the internship report as well as the reflection report can be found in the MSc internship course guide (see documents on the righthand side).

At the end of your internship, you will have a colloquium at HPP; a presentation of about 30 minutes including a discussion about your internship research. Your HPP internship supervisor will organize this colloquium together with you.

Furthermore, you will have an oral defence of your internship report with your HPP supervisor and a second examiner. The final mark of your internship will be determined based on the MSc internship assessment form (see documents on the righthand side).

Interested in doing an internship in collaboration with HPP? Please contact the HPP student coordinator Katharina Hanika.