Does a diel cycle shorter than 24h or continuous light positively affect lettuce growth and light use efficiency; is this response genotype dependent?

Vertical Farming is a new model in food production with high water, fertilizer and land use efficiency compared to traditional cultivation. No pesticides are applied and since this novel system allows worldwide ...


Does light spectrum influence fruit set in sweet pepper?

Fruit set indicates the initiation of fruit growth derived from flowers, and the cessation of this process is termed as abortion. Fruit set is a crucial development process in the plant life cycle, and it is also a main determinant of crop yield. In sweet pepper, up to 80% ...


Developing a functional structural plant model of Artemisia annua

Artemisia annua is an important medicinal species. Its secondary metabolite, artemisinin, has been used in the treatment of malaria, as well as several cancers and viral diseases. In many developing and underdeveloped regions, artemisia plants are growing ...


Desk study: Is the use of interlighting in greenhouse production beneficial or wasteful?

In modern greenhouse production, plants are often grown in relatively tall, optically dense canopies –think of tomato, cucumber and bell pepper. Often, supplementary lighting installed above the plants (toplighting) is used to ...


Investigating light spectrum effects of LED inter-canopy lighting in greenhouse tomato.

Vine crops, specifically tomatoes and cucumbers, represent one of the largest segments for electric lighting in horticultural applications. Furthermore, cultivators are constrained by inadequate lighting conditions during winter months ...

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