Desk study: Meta-analysis of photosynthesis dynamics – would you like to crunch data?

Plants in nature or greenhouses are often exposed to rapidly changing light intensities, which has major impacts on these plants’ photosynthesis rate. The rapidity with which a plant can respond to a change in light intensity is often measured using photosynthetic induction: a plant initially exposed to low light is suddenly exposed to high light, and its photosynthesis rate is measured, using gas exchange (ga) and/or chlorophyll fluorescence (cf) methods. We know that the rate of photosynthetic induction is strongly affected by genetically determined components – but how early in the plant’s life can these differences be detected reliably? This is the key question you will answer in this project!

In this MSc thesis project, you will grow several tomato genotypes and perform ga+cf measurements on the plants multiple times during their development, from seedling to mature plant. Work will be conducted using the Li-6800 or Li-6400 photosynthesis systems, as well as the FluorCam cf imaging cabinet.

Used skills

  • Gas exchange measurements
  • Chlorophyll fluorescence
  • Data analysis

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