Digital Sugar reduction tool for bakery product reformulation

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) innovative digital reformulation tool helps the bakery industry to achieve a substantial reduction in added sugars without compromising on texture and taste. This unique digital tool allows companies to efficiently find tailor-made solutions depending on their specific bakery reformulation goals.

Growth opportunities

Naturalness, clean label, sugar and fiber content, nutritional profile, energy intake and sustainability are trendy topics that provide bakery manufacturers and ingredient suppliers opportunities for growth. In this context, many product developers are trying to reduce the sugar content in their current product portfolio. However, a substantial reduction in sugar comes with a number of technical, regulatory and societal challenges since it adversely affects the product characteristics. Additionally, reformulation must meet food labelling requirements and consumers’ expectations for natural, clean label ingredients while potentially improving the nutritional profile of the end product.

Digital reformulation

Wageningen experts have performed a great deal of research over recent years regarding the behavior of sugar in food and the functionality of ingredients such as starches, proteins and fibers. The knowledge developed on the influence of sugar on texture, rheology, water activity and sweetness has been implemented in a digital reformulation tool using the combination of ingredients data and algorithms. The tool supports end-product-manufacturers to efficiently identify optimal sugar replacers and supports ingredient suppliers in the development and application of new sugar alternatives. Specific formulations and requirements (nutritional and labelling aspects) are taken into account.

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