Since the Black Lives Matter wave of 2020, voices that have been previously unheard are coming to the foreground. Acknowledging this and realizing the potential for change and equity, ARA (Anti-Racist Association of Wageningen) and the WUR (Wageningen University & Research), worked together on a proposal to tackle Racism and Discrimination within our organization and our campus.

The plan was approved by the Executive Board in March 2021 and includes actions for duration of the project. Furthermore, it is important that these actions and subsequent changes reach beyond the lifespan of this project, to guarantee a long-term DARE-ing culture. Therefore, lessons and experiences will be shared proactively within and outside the WUR.  
The project name is DARE and it is initially a 3-year program. Over the course of the next few years this plan will work along 4 dimensions to tackle Racism and Discrimination in a broader sense. The goal is to establish anti-discrimination policies, practices and procedures, and usher in a culture of Decolonization, Anti-Racism, Anti-Discrimination, Equity and Equal Chances.  
Percy Cicilia Jr. is DARE Project leader and steers the coordination team with Joyce van der Velde, both part of the D&I (Diversity & Inclusion) team of Corporate HR. Other members of the Coordination Team of the DARE project are, Sophia Weituschat, Kiki Cappello, Lingtong Gai, Heather ten Ham & Eva Siebelink. 

The DARE project is organized around 4 themes, called pillars, with each member of the DARE Coordinating Team focusing on a primary pillar. 

  • Reporting
    The sharing and reporting of racism and discrimination.
  • Culture & Awareness
    Raising awareness surrounding the topic and ushering in a culture change.
  • Education & Research
    Developing best practices and decolonizing the positionality of research in a broader context.
  • WUR Documents & Policies
    Ensuring equal access, equal chances, and fair treatment to all WUR staff, students, and support.

The aim is to have an inclusive and safe working and study environment in Wageningen University & Research. We need your help to push forward the movement to an inclusive and safe working environment and tackle discrimination in a broader sense to make sure that anti-racism and anti-discrimination is structurally embedded in our organization.