The mission of WIAS is improving our understanding of animals and their various roles for mankind through fundamental and strategic research and training of early stage researchers (PhD and post-doc).

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Open office hour confidential PhD advisors

Are you experiencing problems with your PhD programme? Do you have a PhD-related problem and would you like to discuss it with a WIAS PhD advisor? The WIAS confidential PhD advisors hold an open office hour every Tuesday between 13.00-14.00 in Office E 0.172 in the Radix building. 

If you prefer to make an appointment, it is always possible to plan a meeting with one of the WIAS PhD advisors (online or in person), contact Paddy Haripersaud or Nicole Rodenburg for the possibilities.  

WIAS Peer Review

Like all graduate schools in the Netherlands, WIAS is subjected to a peer review every six years to asses quality, societal relevance and viability of research. From 12-14 October WIAS and the clusters will be evaluated by the committee, consisting international scientists and a PhD candidate from related fields within animal science. We would like to invite the WIAS community to join for the closing drinks with the review committee on Thursday 14 October from 15.30 – 16.30. Please send an email to WIAS@WUR.nl if you would like to join for more information about the location.

WIAS peer review - Postdocs and Tenure Trackers wanted!

The WIAS peer review committee has indicated that they would like to talk to WIAS PhD candidates, postdocs and Tenure Track staff to discuss the PhD programme, postdoc policies and Tenure Track pathway and to hear about personal experiences.

We are still looking for two postdocs and two Tenure Track staff who would like to join the discussion with the committee on Tuesday 12 October from 15.30-17.00 of course you are also welcome to join for a drink with the committee afterwards. Interested? Please send an email to Nicole Rodenburg.  

WIAS peer review-Walk-in open office hour with the review committee On Wednesday 13 October between 17.30-18.30 the WIAS peer review committee is having an open office hour in Impulse (Decision) for everyone who would like to have a short discussion with the chair of the committee.

WIAS Lunch Lectures

The WIAS lunch lectures take place every first Tuesday of the month from 12.15-13.00. The next WIAS lunch lecture will be given by Cees Voesenek on 2 November 2021.

WIAS is looking for postdocs, staff or guest researchers who would like to present their work in 2022. Fourth-year PhD candidates are also welcome to present their work. Interested? Please send an email to wias@wur.nl.