The mission of WIAS is improving our understanding of animals and their various roles for mankind through fundamental and strategic research and training of early stage researchers (PhD and post-doc).

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The WIAS office wishes you happy holidays

and a healthy and joyful New Year!


WIAS End of the year event

WIAS invites all PhD candidates, postdocs, and (support) staff of WIAS associated chair groups to join us in celebrating the end of the year.

20 December 2022 from 17.00, Central Hall of the Zodiac Building.

Please register so that we ensure that there is sufficient food and drinks!

To register click

Call for WIAS publication prize 2022

Every year, WIAS confers a publication prize to a PhD candidate for the most innovative and high-quality publication. The winner receives a prize of € 500. The publication prizes will be conferred during the next WIAS annual conference.

The evaluation of the nominated publications is based on the originality of the research, the quality of the scientific analysis, the quality of the written presentation and the impact of the publication. More information about the nomination procedure can be found on the WIAS website.

Call for WIAS fellowship 2023

WIAS invites PhD candidates who wish to travel abroad, postdocs who want to write a grant proposal and staff members who wish to invite guest researchers to submit a proposal for a WIAS fellowship. More information and application information can be found on the WIAS website.

New WIAS Board member

There have been several changes in the WIAS board in 2022. Prof. Mart de Jong and

Prof. Annemarie Rebel resigned from the board. They are succeeded by Prof. Wim van de Poel and Dr Liesbeth Bolhuis. We thank both Mart and Annemarie for their commitment and efforts as part of the WIAS board. Prof. Frank van Langevelde will take over as chair of the WIAS board.

WIAS Lunch Lectures

The WIAS lunch lectures take place every first Tuesday of the month from 12.15-13.00.

The last hybrid WIAS lunch lecture of 2022 will be given by Dr Daan Vorselen on 6 December 2022.

WIAS is looking for postdocs, staff or guest researchers who would like to present their work in 2023. Fourth-year PhD candidates are also welcome to present their work. Interested? Please send an email to wias@wur.nl.