Wageningen University & Research offers MOOCs, making academic education available and accessible for everyone. Typical WUR themes are among others: food and nutrition, environmental sciences, smart agriculture and biobased production. Choose the course that fits your interests. We look forward to welcoming you.

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) are online courses. You follow a MOOC:

  • If you want to learn the latest scientific insights from top professors
  • Online, wherever you are
  • Grow your network, both with WUR experts and your peers

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MOOCs at Wageningen University & Research

Wageningen University & Research offers high quality online courses in the fields of Food, Nutrition and Health; Smart Agriculture; Healthy Environment and Circular and Biobased Production.

Online education in times of corona

Since the coronavirus outbreak, many people have been working and studying from home. As a result, more and more people are discovering the benefits of online education. MOOCs are an accessible way to continue to develop in the current situation of COVID-19. These online courses are a responsible way to develop yourself in your own time from your own home. Where and whenever you want.

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MOOC start dates

All MOOC course pages mention a start date: on this day the MOOC opens and is accessible for everyone. However, you can often start whenever you want, sometimes even months later! On the MOOC page, click the link to edX® to see if you can still join the MOOC.

WageningenX on edX

Are you looking to enhance your career through Continuing Education? Or are you curious to discover new personal interests by engaging in Lifelong Learning. Gain new insights and in-demand skills for your personal development as you learn about society’s most pressing challenges. For example, learn how to feed more than 9 billion people while also protecting the environment. Or about the impact of your everyday choices on greenhouse gas emissions (ghg).

Select a MOOC and join WageningenX in our mission to ‘explore the potential of nature and improve the quality of life’.

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1 Million MOOC enrolments

43 MOOCs, which started 152 times, taught by over 135 teachers, 53 moderators and countless supportive staff and 5 years' time helped us reach this massive milestone of 1 million learners in the MOOCs of Wageningen University & Research.

A big thank you to all of you!

1 million MOOC enrolments
1 million MOOC enrolments

edX Remote Access Program

Students and staff from the Wageningen University & Research can participate in the edX Remote Access Program. It provides access to courses and programs not just from the WUR, but from all edX partners participating in the initiative, supporting the ‘lifelong learning’ focus of the WUR. This means that you can follow the courses from HarvardX, MITx and other institutions.

edX Remote Access Program
edX Remote Access Program

Best MOOCs of 2019 nominated by edX

EdX awarded 2 MOOCs in 2019 with a nomination for best MOOC of that year: The Science of Beer and Sustainable Tourism: Rethinking the Future. These courses were therefore in the top 10 worldwide, chosen from the 2600 MOOCs started in 2019.

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