Strawberry quality and shelf life

  • We have projects to study the effect of preharvest conditions on postharvest quality, shelf life and flavour life.
  • We have projects to study the link between strawberry colour, proanthocyanidins content and Botrytis incidence.
  • We would like to identify genes and gene products that are involved with shelf life and postharvest quality. Once identified, we will characterize them, and if possible, manipulate expression in plants to prove functionality.

    Used skills

    Postharvest Phys. Techniques:

    • Microscopy
    • Shelf life
    • Stomatal function
    • Colour measurements
    • LED lighting
    • Modelling

      Postharvest Biotech. Techniques:

      • Molecular biology: DNA, RNA, RT-(q)PCR
      • HPLC, GC-MS
      • Microscopy
      • Tissue culture, and transgenic plant production

      Interested in doing a BSc or MSc thesis at HPP? Please contact the HPP student coordinator Katharina Hanika.