Stay Green Protein (SGR) in tomato and/or Petunia

During tomato ripening, chlorophyll breakdown and lycopene biosynthesis coincide and are regulated by a STAY GREEN PROTEIN (SGP). But not only colour, also firmness is regulated by this amazing protein family! This means that SGP are vital to tomato quality attributes such as colour and firmness behaviour.

In Petunia flowers, there is also a role for STAY GREEN PROTEIN, but less is known about it. Multiple family members exist, potentially with different functionality

We want to study this regulation by manipulating of expression (CRISPR-cas9 and OX lines), and study the effect on fruit ripening and flower development.

Stay Green proteins also affect tomato firmness. We will study the link between SGR proteins and expression and activity of pectin breakdown enzymes with the aim to model the interactions.

Used skills

Postharvest Biotech. Techniques:

  • Tissue culture:
  • Plant transformation: Stable, transient, protoplast transformation
  • Molecular biology: DNA, RNA, RT-(q)PCR, Cloning
  • Metabolite analysis: HPLC, GC-MS
  • Enzyme assays
  • Bioinformatics

Postharvest Phys. Techniques:

  • Colour measurements calibrated to assess chlorophyll and lycopene levels
  • Non-destructive firmness measurements
  • Storage at varying temperatures
  • Modelling

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