Mango projects

Mangoes hardly ripens on tree, but quickly ripens after harvest. We want to identify the 'tree factor' compound in e.g., the milky white sap from the harvest wound. Also, we want to investigate the effect of e.g., removing leaves from mango branches in a Spanish orchard.

Study the production of mango volatiles during development and ripening, and identify genes responsible for their production.

For the study of processes in relation to quality and shelf life, we would like to identify genes and gene products involved with shelf life and postharvest quality. Once identified, we will characterize them, and if possible, manipulate expression in plants to prove functionality.

Used skills

Postharvest Biotech. Techniques:

  • Molecular biology: DNA, RNA, RT-(q)PCR, Cloning
  • Metabolite analysis: HPLC, GC-MS, LC-MS
  • Enzyme assays

Postharvest Phys. Techniques:

  • Non-destructive firmness measurements
  • Storage at varying temperatures
  • Ethylene treatments
  • Preharvest treatments such as thinning, steam girdling  

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