How to find an internship

Student Career Services can help you to find an internship. We created an overview of steps you can follow in this process, together with the options of career support we offer.

In general, you can take the following steps:

1.  Internship preparation: Discuss the planning of your Master’s programme, including your internship, with your study adviser. Check, in consultation with your study adviser, which chair groups are allowed to supervise your internship. Ask your study adviser for tips regarding finding appropriate internships.

2.  Internship goal: Before first looking for potential internships, ask yourself what you would like to learn during your internship, ask fellow students about their internship experiences or read professional journals to gain knowledge. Do you not know what kind of internship you are looking for or what would fit you? Our Career Coach can help you with this self-reflection phase. Schedule your appointment with the career coach via the button below.

3.  Search: After you know what you want to learn, you can start searching for internships. Start searching for internships at least three to six months in advance, and at least six months in advance if you plan to do your internship abroad. You can do this by asking lecturers for contacts, searching the internet to find names of possible internship providers and checking the websites of the chair groups. We can help you to find a suitable internship. If you need assistance, take a look at the button options below.

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4.  Procedures: Check out the procedures for the relevant chair groups for contacting the internship coordinator or checking the information on their website and in the portals. Make sure that you know how the relevant chair group arranges internships.

5.  Applying for internships: After you found an interesting internship, you need to check if this internship is in line with the internship requirements at the chair group. If this is the case, you can start applying. Find useful tips for your application here:

Prepare for your application

6.  Internship contract: Before the internship starts, you, the host supervisor and the internship coordinator from the chair group have to agree on the formalities of your internship. These agreements need to be stated in the Internship Contract. The WU Internship Contract is the preferred contract to use for your internship. A non-WU internship contract requires an extra check with the legal services of the specific science group that the chair group belongs to. You should factor in about two extra weeks for this check. You, the host supervisor and the internship coordinator of the chair group need to sign the contract.

Find the internship contract here: MSc thesis, MSc internship and MSc research practice - WUR

7.  Learning Agreement: a description of the internship assignment, your personal learning goals, the agreement on supervision, planning, evaluation moments, and (if applicable) risk assessment. You and your WU supervisor must sign the learning agreement.

Find the learning agreement here: MSc thesis, MSc internship and MSc research practice - WUR

8.  Internship Plan: a project proposal for your internship. You should make clear whether your internship is a Research Internship (completed with a ‘research report’) or a Professional Internship (completed with a ‘context report’ and deliverables of projects that have been part of your internship).

Further information on the above and WU travel policy, insurance and grants can be found in the Course guide internship MSc thesis, MSc internship and MSc research practice - WUR