Foodomics software solutions

Our foodomics software solutions for metabolomics is based on the following MetAlign modules (multithreaded/multicore):

Module Features
Metalign Fast preprocessing and data reduction of GC-MS and LC-MS, alignment/comparison of profiles.
MetAlignID Fast preprocessing and data reduction of GCxGC-MS data combined with fast targeted searches. Validated screening of profiles.
Search_LCMS Module for ultrahigh mass accuracy from LC-HRMS data followed by fast targeted searches
Extract_LCMS Module for elemental composition analysis of complete LC-HRMS profiles. Includes ultrahigh mass accuracy, adduct searching, database connections NMR_align
NMR_Align Module for preprocessing and aligning NMR data with peak resolution
Search_NMR Module for mining NMR data: comparison of spectral features with a database