Foodomics infrastructure

Foodomics is related to metabolomics , proteomics and transcriptomics concepts.

Largest mass spectrometry site

Wageningen Food Safety Research is the largest mass spectrometry site in The Netherlands and the primary government lab for food analysis. The latest instruments are therefore available for foodomics applications.

Different instruments and different vendors

Key to successful implementation of foodomics are software solutions which are generically applicable to data from entirely different instruments and from different vendors. All modules within our unique foodomics software solution suite fulfill that requirement.

GC-MS (single quad, 3x) Thermo (2x) (Xcalibur), Agilent (Chemstation)
GC-MS/MS (triple quad, 2x) Varian 1200L , Bruker 300-MS (MS workstation)
GC-HRMS (magnetic sector, 2x) Waters Autospec Ultima (MassLynx)
GCxGC-TOF-MS Leco Pegasus IV (ChromaTOF 4.32)
LC-MS/MS (triple quad, 6x) Waters: Micro, Ultima (3), Premier XE, TQ-S (MassLynx)
LC-MS/MS (Qtrap, 2x) AB Sciex: API 5500, API 6500 (MultiQuan) [SeleXion]
LC-HRMS (QTOF) (2x) Bruker microTOFQ II (TargetAnalysis)
Waters Xevo (Masslynx) [project basis]
LC-HRMS (Orbitrap) Thermo Exactive (Xcalibur, ToxID, ExactFinder)
(LC)-ICP-MS (2x) Thermo X-series II, Perkin Elmer Nexion 300D
GC-IRMS Thermo...
PTR-MS (quad) (Ionicon)
400 MHz NMR (Ionicon)

Broad range of infrastructure for transcriptomics.

Access through WU/ORC: DESI/DART/LDI-Ion Trap MS, DESI/DART/LDI-HRMS (Orbitrap).
Access through CAT-Agrofood/ORC: LAESI/DART/nLC-IonMobility-HRMS (QTOF).
Access through PRI : LC-nanomate-IonTrap/Orbitrap-MS     Thermo
Access to 600 MHz NMR (cryoprobe) at Wageningen University.
Access to next generation sequencing.