BSc Honours Programme

The BSc Honours Programme is for students who want and are able to go the extra mile. It is an extracurricular programme of 30 credits on top of the regular bachelor programme. There is one Honours Programme for the entire university.

An important aim of the BSc Honours Programme is academic and societal impact. Honours students work with advanced methodologies and make a substantial contribution to innovative solutions that are needed for the future.

Students learn by gaining confidence, exploring their own strengths and weaknesses, looking at particular cases from various perspectives, exploring new areas of interest and collaborating across cultural, professional, and personal boundaries.

For who?

For the BSc Honours Programme we are looking for first year BSc students who are highly motivated, creative, have the eagerness to learn, are curious, make good progress in their study and have a broad interest in the domain of life sciences.

What does the programme look like?

The WUR Honours Programme starts in BSc year one until year three. Students get the chance to work in an interdisciplinary team, do research, meet inspiring lecturers, experience a Summer School, study abroad, and identify their authentic leadership style.


Students that want to enroll in the WUR Honours Programme enter an Introduction Course, officially apply to enter the programme and, once selected, kick-off together in a teambuilding week on Texel.

Broadening Honours Investigation Project (HIP)

During the Honours Investigation Project in year 2 and 3, in interdisciplinary teams, students produce a self-defined product under a theme related to the mission of Wageningen University. The themes are brought forward by a Wageningen University professor.

Personal Growth

Offering a safe environment in which the students feel free to share their stories and try out new behaviour that is beneficial to them. Here they are able to learn from their peers, dare to make mistakes and receive professional and motivating feedback that will support them in their personal growth.

Leading change

The Leadership programme seeks to address complex challenges and aims to help craft confident and competent young leaders. After a theoretical framework, students join one day with a self-defined leader.

Deepening Innovative education

Honours students complete at least three Honour Cards, providing an opportunity to go deeply into a subject within their regular study programme. Closely working together with a Wageningen University professor and aiming for innovative education.

BSc Honour Programme