VC4PD Briefs

Here, you will find the series of VC4PD Briefs resulting from pilot studies in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Niger, Rwanda and Uganda. The briefs present and summarise key findings and discussion. Parallel to this series of briefs, the programme publishes VC4PD Research Papers, which contain more elaborate empirical evidence and conceptual debate.

VC4PD Research Papers

The VC4PD Research Papers series is launched under theme Sustainable Agro-Supply Chains:

VC4PD Program publications

In this section you find documents that represent the programmatic orientation of the implemented action research cum pilot studies on Value Chains for Pro-poor Development (VC4PD).

Programme development

A set of documents informed the development of the programme, which was done in close collabration with practicitioners and policy. Firstly, a focus document presenting rational, motivation and scope as well as a brief description of the six implemented pilot studies. Secondly, a reader prepared for a Strategic Conference in July 2008, presenting 7 concept notes of possible pilot studies; these concept notes resulted from a call for cooperation in the networks of AgriProfocus, Agriterra and the Netherlands embassies in Africa. The concept notes were written on the basis of intense dialogues with partners in Africa and the Netherlands. The Strategic Conference guided the programme towards a stronger coherency and led to the choice for pilot studies in the context of value chains managing the production and trade of non-perishable products.

Programme - final report

A section dedicated to the Value Chains for Pro-poor Development programme is included in the final report of the DGIS-WUR Partnership Programme 2006-2010 'Globalization and Sustainable Rural Development'. The section presents lessons and insights derived from action researches in 6 countries: Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Niger, Rwanda, and Uganda.

Sietze Vellema (2012). Value Chains for Pro-Poor Development (VC4PD). In: Wageningen UR. Globalization and Sustainable Rural Development; DGIS-Wageningen UR Partnershp Programme 2006-2010. Wageningen UR (University and Research Centre), Wageningen International, Wageningen, the Netherlands, pp. 20-40.