Cobb Europe BV

Cobb is the world’s oldest poultry breeding company, and we have achieved that by listening to our customers, focusing on innovation, and leveraging technology to deliver consistent annual genetic progress.

By investing in research and development, we continually create new value and deliver it to our customers.

Our values, our culture

Family - Work and communicate with people in the same way you expect others to treat you. Treat people like family. Be impartial and respectful, focus on the best possible result for each other and the company.

Integrity - Expect and provide honest communication and interaction at all times. Maintain the highest ethical standards, be sincere and candid in difficult situations. Comply with all laws and regulations. Question unethical behavior.

Being the best - Manage daily tasks to the best of your ability and accept full accountability for your actions. Encourage the team to do the same thing. Improve the company‚Äôs performance, product quality and customer service.

Innovation - Encourage creative thinking to effectively utilize resources and technology within the company. Openly assist in creating objective free-thinking and responsible risk-taking. Participate in the development of business solutions and services.

Participation online Career Day

Cobb Europe BV is giving an online presentation and you can join them during their walk-in chat. If you are interested, please select during registration.