Study and student associations

Wageningen has a vibrant student life with lots of student and study associations that organise many interesting and fun activities for (international) students! Check their websites for more information.

Wageningen has 10 different traditional student associations, which all together have over 3500 members. Every association has its own character. There are small associations which focus on religion for example, but also bigger associations which organise a lot of drinks and parties. Because of the diversity, everyone can find an associations that perfectly suits him/her!

Most associations were founded a long time ago and therefore have a lot of traditional activities. The associations are places where you will meet friends not only for your time as a student in Wageningen, but for the rest of your life! Since Wageningen is a small town, the student associations are the place where a lot of students go to party. But they are more than that, the associations help students develop themselves and make the most out of their time in Wageningen!

International associations and groups

  • International Student Organisation Wageningen (ISOW) website and Facebook
  • International and Erasmus Student Network (IxESN) Facebook
  • International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences (IAAS) website and Facebook
  • Chinese Association of Students and Scholars Wageningen (CASSW) website and Facebook or contact CASSW via e-mail
  • Indonesian Association (PPI) website and Facebook
  • Latin American Community (OLAH) website and Facebook
  • Hindoe Student Forum Nederland (HFSN) website and Facebook
  • Wageningen Muslim Student Association Avicenna Facebook and e-mail
  • United Community of African Students (UCAS) Facebook
  • Rwandan Community Wageningen Facebook
  • Ethiopian Community Wageningen Facebook
  • Bangladeshi Students Alumni Association Netherlands (BSAAN) Facebook
  • Mexican Community Wageningen Facebook
  • Bulgarian Community Wageningen Facebook
  • Zimbabwean Community Wageningen Past and Present Facebook
  • South Korean Community Wageningen Facebook
  • Indian Community Wageningen on Indiawijzer
  • Ecuatorianos Community Wageningen Facebook
  • Brazilian Community Wageningen Facebook
  • Thai Community Wageningen Facebook
  • Nepalese Students' Association Wageningen website
  • Hungarian Community Wageningen Facebook
  • Portuguese Community Wageningen Facebook
  • Go-Fast-German Organisation For All Students Wageningen Facebook
  • Chilean Student Association (AIECh) Facebook
  • Italian Community Wageningen Facebook
  • Wageningen Association Colombian Alumni (WASCA) Facebook
  • Indian Association Wageningen University Facebook
  • Wageningen Campus Christian Fellowship (WCCF) and Facebook
  • Wageningen Vietnamese Students (WVS), Facebook
  • Navigators Internationals Wageningen (NIW), Website.

Cultural associations (music and theatre)

Study associations

Student council parties

Additional groups