Panel 15. Case Study development and writing: relating theory and practice in partnership management teaching

The panel will go through the case development process and case writing process. Based on the CDC-Case Development Center methodology of RSM/Erasmus University. The CDC focuses on management education based on real cases link with the SDGs.

The main topics to be presented related to a Case Study development process and writing would be: (i) Choosing a Case Study; (ii) The Case Study Focus; (iii) The Case Study Objectives; (iv) Planning the access to the site; (v) How to get the data (primary and secondary data); (vi) Protagonist choice (different perspectives) (vii) Presentation forms (time positioning); (viii) Main structure of the Case Study; (ix) Main stages of a Case Study; (x) Scientific methodology; (xi) Care for data collection and analysis; (xii) The context detailing; (xiii) Identifying the key elements for the Teaching Notes; (xiv) The discussion questions for each objective and the expected level of responses to be achieved.

The panel will be built around a case study from the CDC, through which the topics will be addressed. It is essential that the participants read the indicated case study beforehand, making possible to exercise the key points that must be considered for the elaboration of a real case study.